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Whenever I review a site the first things that come to mind are: content, is there enough to make me want to join? The other ‘seal the deal’ features include, clarity of film, types of models on their books, reputation of site and one biggie is updates.

If a site does not update it shows a lack of interest to me, so therefore they do not gain my interest, by me becoming a member.

Let’s Look Briefly at Some of These Features

DDF Network is a ‘glamour’ niche. However, do not be fooled. These glorious women are not only so beautiful you could weep over your keyboard, but they enjoy good hard core fucking as well. Now, that is a really good start, in my book anyway. If you are a breast man take a look at Lucie Wilde. Lucie is like ‘breast man heaven’ all packed into one space!

Nice Spread of Model Types

The good news is that whatever type of ‘man’ you call yourself, you will be satisfied by the spread of models they are offering. All puns intended! Mostly blond European models, the entire site has that flavor of European class mixed with dirty sex. There are also some gorgeous Asians, larger butts, perky smaller tits and tight asses.

This goes to say that they have covered their model spectrum very neatly. With over 2000 to choose from I reckon anyone and his uncle will be satisfied at DDF Network.

Huge Content and Great HD Viewing

The next best thing about this network is the size of the content. It is said over the network that there is 12,000 movies. That is more than satisfactory in terms of bulk. I doubt even I could get through that lot in my lifetime.

Regular Updates and Good Customer Service

As mentioned earlier, updates are important, it shows the site is at least active. DDF Network discount hub updates regularly every week, so the content is not only massive but fresh too.

The site has been around for well over a decade and has an avid fan base already. This shows that they must be doing something right. Customer sales and service is up to par in case you do hit a glitch.

There are multiple download options suitable for your own needs. This includes mobile, which for many reasons I find particularly handy.

The site itself is a cinch to navigate around and a charm to behold. The girls are so sexy, so sensual and gorgeous you become a little transfixed by them all.

DDF Network ticks all boxes for me. Plus all the bonus sites thrown in make it a sensible purchase all round. Yes! I do get sensible even when I am horny!