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This is a brand new site that has been launched recently to give members a ride with new and clean HD movies. The content here is fresh without a single dust particle unlike other century old porn sites.

The route they have taken is quite exciting. What happens is that these guys drive in town and other places with a keen eye on any Stranded Teens looking for a free ride. The moment they spot one, they pull down and invite the frustrated girl for a ride.

Some of the girls are so grateful to the Good Samaritan that they are ready to thank him in any way including sucking his smart cock or even spreading their beautiful legs wide open to bless his huge cock with their tight pussies.

However, some of them are a little reserved and require to be warmed up with a few dirty seductive tactics. Either way, they end up getting screwed in the most amazing positions. Sometimes, the Good Samaritan pulls down to some fantastic location where he gives the teen a lifetime lesson. Other times, he continues to drive as the chick suck his cock and receive a load of cum in her mouth or allow the cumshots to bless her beautiful face.

I guess you now understand the kind of journey you are about to take when you sign up with them. Expect to come across over 2,000 exclusive girls in this ride.

The site was launched recently along with our discount so their collection is not very huge. You will get slightly over 13 episodes backed up with a daily update schedule where you will be introduced to new innocent looking but smoking hot teens. All their movies are captured by advanced cameras providing you with 1080p HD quality. They have not compiled any pictures yet but we are hoping they will start uploading quality pictures in future.

To ensure that you will never run out of something to keep you going, they have collaborated with Mofos Network to allow you into the network through their site without any additional premium. Mofos Network is quite large and their premium movies are also among the best in the market today. Here, you will get to access other sites dealing with similar fantasies such as Public Pickups, Latina Sex Tapes and I Know That Girl among other quality deals.

This is one porn series that you would not want to miss out. If you fantasize about a driver taking advantage of Stranded Teens, you are likely to find this site a real goldmine.

BlackGFs Discount


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You will rarely see gorgeous black chicks engaging in any worthwhile porn action in most of the adult entertainment sites. Black GFs identified this loophole and embarked on coming up with a one-stop-centre where you can enjoy a cool collection of black girls shaking their delicious sexy asses on both white and black cocks. The best part of it is that most of the content comprises of leaked videos involving real lovers in genuine action. You can therefore rely on them to give you the most intense action and real orgasms from these black pussies.

You can expect to see the action happening anywhere from the beach to hostels and anywhere else that black girls go to present themselves whenever they become too horny. You will also get solo action, lesbian, hardcore fucking and amazing cumshots in good amounts.

It looks like these guys have not seen any value in spending too much time on fancy designs .When you visit the site, they take you directly to the black gorgeous bodies where you see the various scenes with a brief description. Going by the number of views on each video, you will discover that guys have really been craving for this kind of shit.

By the time I visited the site, these guys had already compiled 102 movies and 106 photo galleries.

When it comes to the quality of the movies and photos, you will appreciate their clarity given that most of them have been captured by the lovers themselves in their own secret and natural environments. You may not download these movies but you can watch them online as long as you want without any limitation. Their collection of pictures looks good though they would have looked super if they were a bit larger.

If you have not seen how black girls clap their butts before getting down to some breathtaking sexual insanity, check out this site. You will also get enough of interracial sex happening here. Visit the Black GFs discount link and refresh your eyes with a different kind of experience.

SapphicErotica Discount

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Someone once told me that if you love your job, you will find it not as a job, but as something for a leisure. Except that you are earning out of it, which is definitely the way to go in life. This is something to really ponder and this helps us get a better understanding of why people enter the adult industry. It’s not just about the money. Ofttimes, it’s about giving people the pleasure they need as much as they are getting it for themselves. So much for that, porn is porn and nothing matters more to it than its explicitness. Sapphic Erotica, up for review, definitely goes inline with this whole philosophical discourse.

What is

Sapphic Erotica on the outside seems like it’s just another lesbian adult site. But, no. It’s actually more than that. They have actually opened a vast range of doors for other genres more open to the bigger society. Most importantly, the very essence of this site revolves around giving and taking pleasure manifested in act of having sex and doing pleasurable stuff to a partner. SapphicErotica is fun-filled with stories and purely touching sequences of dramatic telomeres. With the lesbians alone, your ejaculation won’t give you less than the satisfaction it always gives you.

The Sapphic Erotica discount access has over 1,520 videos that run at least 20 minutes each. All the contents can be downloaded as much as they can be streamed. There are also images that are worth staring at for minutes or until you get the masturbation outcome you have always wanted.

The genres are pretty vast, too, because apart from lesbians, there are purely casual sex videos and so much more. Imagine, all these you get for only $19.95 a month. Furthermore, for something worth $19.95, I don’t seem to see anything else missing. It’s perfect in many ways.

MetArt Discount

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In life, there are highs and lows. Where you are and where you have been can easily be identified so long as you try to feel the emotion that bounds the moment. Throughout a person’s life, nothing can really ever amount to the highs the teenage life can give. It’s the peak of which a human becomes more exposed to the various realities of life, both the good and bad. It is when he becomes more acquainted to new ideas and endures through pain as a form of liberation.

This is also the perfect to get drunk and get laid. This is what Met Art tells us; that life must be lived the way it should be in accord to the moments that come and go. It’s the perfect adult site for all those who are manifested with existential crisis.

MetArt basically goes in line with our topic for today, which is teenage life. We all know that teenagers love to party and as a matter of fact, it is filled with so much party moments, be it for a senior’s ball aftermath, college night outs, dorm roomies monthly gathering and so much more. Met Art tells you stories about the most fun and spontaneous ways to live through teenage life. In the most interesting way that is, which is the getting laid part. Here, you’ll see young and fresh faces with freshly opened bareness, flawless white skin, sexily natural freckles, cute vagina and boobs while others have the gift of ginormy, too. It’s all mixed up here and it’s just nothing less than almost perfect.

Quick fact: MetArt has been around since 1999 and it has proven so many people and so many critics wrong that it’s glory will only last a short life. Well, it’s more than a decade now and no signs are still showing that it will soon come to decimate. The Met Art discount is one hell of a grand deal that gives you over 1,200 high quality videos, both vintage and modern coming from different genres.

The videos run from 9 minutes on wards and due to the conciseness of each videos, they are so convenient and easy to watch without losing the essence of getting ultimate ejaculatory response and orgasm. The best part, it’s only $19.98 a month. With that, I give it a 9.5 out of 10.

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When it comes to names that are world famous with porn, then Hustler has to be right up there. These guys have been around since time began, but thankfully they did see the benefit of getting online and providing us with some cool hardcore material. The question now is whether or not their website is as good as their magazines and if it is worth joining.

You Bet It Is Worth Joining.

The thing that strikes you from the outset has to be the hustler discount and the production values because they are right up there with the very best. Everything is just done so professionally from the way that the scene is set up, to the way it is shot, to how hot the chicks are, and even how hard they fuck. I’ll be honest. It is an absolute pleasure to be on this site as a member.

It Has How Much Content?

As they have been around for some time is it really a surprise to find out that they have a lot of content available? I am talking about close to 10,000 scenes and over 3,000 picture galleries, so I am going to leave you to work out how long it will take you to look at all of that porn. They are also updating a lot as well, so the chances of you being able to view everything seems to be quite slim, but hey that is not a bad thing.

They Get Up To Kinky Stuff.

The action itself is all of the stuff you would expect to see on a normal porn site, so yes the chicks are going to fuck that cock in every conceivable position and they are more than happy for you to see it. They love to fuck themselves, each other, in groups, outdoors, and in so many different settings that you are never going to be bored. Oh, and you can download and save everything.

So is Hustler worth joining? This has to be one of the silliest questions every because of course it is worth joining. Who could turn down seeing so many hot chicks fucking and having orgasms? You would need to be crazy! Network Discount

The Best Discount

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I have to admit that I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to porn and them having gorgeous chicks in their scenes. That is why I have always felt drawn to and you will understand why as soon as you land there to check out what they have to offer.

Babes, Babes, Everywhere.

This site is very well named because the babes that are on here are seriously hot. I am talking supermodel hot, but the difference is that they are only interested in getting naked and getting themselves off. They have bodies to die for and if you are able to control yourself when you see them in action, then you are a better man than me.

Splendid Content With Splendid Action.

So what about the content? Well it has a real mixture of softcore scenes right up to full on hardcore, but everything is done with a certain air of sophistication and it is certainly not right in your face fucking. However, they do still love to take it in any hole and they will moan with pleasure until they cum and seeing them being blasted with the guys cum is certainly something that will make an impression on you.

Hundreds Of Options Are Available with the Discount

At the last count they were closing in on 600 scenes and the same number of picture galleries and that is certainly enough to keep you interested for some length of time. Each scene is so well shot, it is so well lit, and overall you are going to be impressed not only with the action itself, but also the way it has all been made. Oh yeah. They update on a regular basis as well, so at least you have something to look forward to.

Get Your Babes Fix In This One Place.

I really need to just end by telling you that is more than capable of providing you with your babes fix throughout your entire membership. Yes they may have a lot of names and faces that you do not recognize, but hey they are hot and horny, so surely that is all that matters? Don’t believe me? Go check them out.

JavHD Discount


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Babes are always exciting to watch and Jav HD brings you Japanese babes in scenes. And since you don’t want to go to Japan to get your babes, why not simply login to this site and begin your expedition! 

The site says that they have more than 500 models inside showing how Japanese babes can be so spectacular to watch. You will not suffer from lack of material inside this site. They have 3996+ films and 1800+ pictures. And even if it’s all Japanese naked babes inside, they somehow manage to make the material diverse. There are schoolgirl scenes, milfs going bonkers, horny studs, anal, masturbation, solo scenes, cream pies, blowjobs, and other hardcore niches.

The flash player does it work and lets you stream while the mp4 downloads are super fast and good. The majority of the films are high definition just like the “HD” abbreviation on the title. The pictures, since they are derived from the super quality film. are also high res. There are some vid caps inside but these are few and far between.

The Jav HD discount site has lots of material thus, they have this nice feature-filled site that is a joy to use. Searching is done using the keyword tags and search engine. You will be tugging hard on your shlong when you type in what you want to see in a matter of minutes. The search feature gives you a lot of material when you input what you want to see. 

The number one reason why this site has grown so much is the updating schedule. They make sure that members have an update every single day. And even though the site can definitely satisfy all your wants, they still offer you bonus material. You will find your membership comes with thirteen more porn sites. There is a nice mobile version of all the sites and you have access to it. This “network of sorts” offers you even more Japan babe action featuring some super good looking Japanese models.

There is no way you will be disappointed with a membership to Jav HD! They have too much going for them for you to say that you are dissatisfied with their services. Our unmovable Recommendation is this, you need to join this Asian centered site and enjoy the hardcore porn inside today!

HazeHer Discount


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Haze Her has sorority porn with a touch of mischief and fun! The site says that the tapes are submitted from users and there is a cash prize up for grabs.

They say that they have high definition films. They have hundreds of sorority gals and give you nothing but unlimited access. All these promises make a good impression on us. 

The concept also sounds very pleasing, coed gals hazing each other all for some cash! Sign me up! But seriously, the site has a ten thousand dollar cash prize for whoever submits the best material. Now that is some serious incentive! The homepage has some previews that you can look at. These previews will show you the gals being teased, hazed, sexually explored, masturbated, and humiliated in all forms and manner. There is also sorority lesbian licking for those interested in lesbo action.

Reality public sex is always wonderful to watch and when it amateur coed humiliation the fun factor just triples! The films can be long (40 minutes or more) and are usually pledging scenes. The material is sourced from gals all over the USA universities willing to go sexually hard for some cash. The older coeds are the ones dishing the humiliation to the pledges. They go ahead and strip them, finger them, humiliate them, make them cum, and do various other naughty yet nice things to the young pledges. The occasional strap-on sex happens and even some cocks are sucked in the process of making the coeds pledge their allegiance to the sisterhood. 

There are different scenarios and humiliation settings for you to watch. You can have the 720pxl high definition downloads and marvel at how fantastic they are. Since these are not studio made, the lighting and angles (at times) can be disappointing, but it all adds to realism of the amateur feel of the videos. They also have a disappointing amount of material with only 50 plus films and 50 plus picture galleries. This can be chalked up to the slow updating that they seem to have. We would like to see a more consistent weekly update that will help the library of “sorority-pledging-sex” grow and make this site bigger. 

The Haze Her discount member’s area has all the media options you will need to stream or download the material. As we stated earlier, there are lots of high definition videos. You get flv, wmv, and mp4 formats including mobile device formats. The pictures can reach high resolution of 2000pxl and the pictures are generally well shot. You have navigation options, which offer a smooth ride inside.

The coed nudity inside is great but there is really not enough of it. They have great high definition movies. Haze Her is good but could be better if they offered more updates or more bonus material!

DareDorm Discount

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The guys who had the most fun in college seem to be the ones who lived in the college dorms. This observation we have made after stumbling on to this site by the name Dare Dorm! You will “cum” to the same conclusion when you check out this site.

You will discover that college has another sexual side that you might have completely missed. You will see what properly motivated college coeds can get up to when the camera start rolling. What we are trying to say in so many words is that there is a lot of college party and sex happening inside the galleries of this porn site.

The site only motivates the students to go out and have fun. They do this by offering the students cash prizes for the best submissions. The students then go ahead and have orgies, threesomes, boy on gal action and even coed on coed action.

For the students, they seem to only need the flimsiest of excuses to run off and have wild sex parties. The fact that they are being offered 1000 dollars is only making them go all out in their sexual mischief on campus.

The site has an updating schedule that releases new material every 2 weeks. This might not be a very rapid speed but it’s a reliable one so deal with it! It also looks like they have reduced the amount of cash prize. But all these issues fall into the background when your focus is completely sucked in by the material inside the galleries. The site looks like they have no picture galleries in their archive of material. A very huge let down, but cheer up! They have 103+ videos inside for you to see what the word “dare” means in the minds of sexed up coeds.

The movies are long. How long? How about 50 to 60 minutes long! You can only stream the material, another diss that we don’t really appreciate about this site. Get over it, we got a Dare Dorm discount for darn it!

Moving on, the videos inside are good quality flicks and these guys offer viewers high definition playback options. If you are hung up on the question of whether the material is “real submission” or “not”, we really can’t say with complete confidence that it is or it isn’t! All we can say is that it looks and feels very amateurish. We can also say that the coeds are wonderful and beautiful. Those who have already tasted the brew that these guys are pouring are satisfied with what they have gotten so far, so chances are that you are going to feel the same!

The sex action is hot, there is no doubt there. The way the material is displayed doesn’t come off as being too heavily staged, so that’s another point to consider. For the most part, Dare Dorm has only good things to offer anyone who wants to join. They have this “coed amateur partying sex thing” going on that is very entertaining. They can improve (and we pray that they do) but they are not a bad investment for coed porn lovers!

PornPros Discount


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The 25 sites that make up the Porn Pros network are simply amazing places for you to spend some quality time! Your time will be well spent as you watch the milfs, teens, amateurs, boobs and butts shake and make merry in various hardcore sexing positions. 

They have been around for some five years so you know they have some good material to give you. The action that they produce is exclusive to them so no point looking for it anywhere else. Let’s see what more they have to offer new members.

The original hardcore movies and pictures inside cover niches like humiliation, fetish, squirting, lesbians, and huge amounts of cum. The mixture is there to make sure that your sexual-urges are quenched regardless of what niche gets you off.

The material inside is some good quality stuff, no, its high definition quality stuff! You will find mp4 and windows format. The small amount of videos and scenes that do not conform to the HD quality are still crisp and watchable. They definitely hit this “quality point” straight out of the park! Just the kind of thing premium porn networks do! From the twenty-five sites, the network produces 6690+ videos. These videos, (apart from being professionally produced and very good quality) are twenty-five minutes long. If you do the multiplication, you get 167250 minutes of straight up quality hardcore viewing time! Wow!

Now after that shocker comes the picture gallery with 2802+ image galleries. The sets can have upwards of 300 individual pictures. You are definitely receiving lots of material for your money factoring the porn pros discount with this network.

They have 1334+ models. For the pictures, you can download them using the ZIP file. We haven’t talked about the navigation you say! Well, what is there to say when a network does its very best in terms of navigation features? This is what this network brings, smooth links, menus, tools, search engines, model index, and other good features. They have done a marvelous job to make navigation so simple that you are not going to have an issue with it. The flash player setting for streaming the movies comes in 2 settings.

Are there any pitfalls of belonging to this network? Well, some minor issues do exist. They have lots of advertisements on the member’s area. They also have some sites that are not updating often. The active ones cover this hole left by the inactive ones and offer updates throughout the week. Apart from these unimportant issues, you are going to have a blast inside this network.

Porn Pros network has covered their “skeleton-bones” with some “meaty” and very “seductive flesh” in the form of their material. The navigation is user friendly, quality from top to bottom, and the material is exclusive. What more could you demand from these guys? You need to check them out!

Wow Porn Discount


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One thing you need to know about growing up is that you should not do it in a way that makes you get used to the world. Learn things and be happy about the life you lead. Most importantly, never forget to continue wondering about the world as it will help you be amazed all the more. Say for example you are getting married. You know for a fact that you and your wife will be having as much sex as you can get.

You are entitled of it the same way she is. The problem about the marriages of today is that they end up faltering. Why? It’s because they get so much of each other that it causes them to become sick of each other in every sense of the word. So, word of advice, watch the contents enclosed within WowPorn and see how relationships are really supposed to go … in the erotic sense. 

WowPorn is a porn site that tends to attract its target audience or pretty much any kind of audience by way of embellishing their site with aesthetically boosting elements. From the interface to the thumbnails of the video, it is quite impossible for you to not have any affinity developed as you journey your way into its deeper depths. But, don’t get me wrong. Everything is never a semblance with this site. It’s beauty from the outside is just as reflective from its inner beauty. It’s quality and appeal are purely authentic. 

Today, the WowPorn discount offer has entrenched over 150 videos within its database. They are all fully viewable to subscribers the same way they are all downloadable. The quality is seamless, the models are hot for both men and women, the action is purely pumped up to the next level and everything a prurient man could look for is encapsulated within its every 25 to 30-minute video. As far as subscription goes, it’s only $29.95 a month. You’ve got nothing to lose by subscribing and get to enjoy everything nice for it. You get more than what you pay for. So, enjoy!

PlayboyTV Discount


The Best Playboy TV Discount


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Actions speak louder than words. This is a phrase that Playboy lives by, a magazine that has been out and about in this mortal plane of existence for decades now. But, showing graphic images sometimes is just enough. It’s action but in a more constricted sense. As a resolve to make the whole scheme even better, to give the fans a better way to practice their imaginations, as though they are under a lustful simulation, Playboy now brings you PlayBoy TV. 

First and foremost, I’m pretty sure you guys have no idea that PlayBoy TV is actually a cable channel? But, the internet version, it’s purely the archives of the television version. You know how they censor stuff when it’s a matter of being broadcast to the national setting. So yeah, if you’ve seen this channel and you’ve been wondering where they keep all the unabridged videos where the models really do all the action through to its glorious conclusion, then this is the exact paradise you’ve been looking for.

The site has its intro promises such as videos that are seemingly shown in a reality TV perspective, allowing the viewers to have a better feel of what it is to fuck a PlayBoy model.

With over 50 years of experience in general, it is needless to say that Playboy is able to bring you a plethora of sexual content that you may have never once seen in your life. None of them for that matter. But to know what you don’t know, PlayBoy TV discount offers multiple programs that are always on demand including the PlayBoy Morning Show, Jazmin’s Touch and so much more.

As far as porn videos go, there are over 1,400 for you to see. They are all enhanced with high resolution quality. They are all downloadable. With that said, you can easily get a crisp and clear viewing experience anytime and anywhere you want. There are several subscription options, but it would be best to start with a monthly subscription as it only runs for 29.95 dollars a month. In toto, this porn site is definitely something you should not miss. 

NubileFilms Discount


The Best Nubile Films Discount


33% off a whole months membership – $19.94

70% off an entire years subscription – $9.16 per month

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Advancement has lead mankind into a modern technological world. Nubile Films stands as a representation of this kind of advancement (according to them) in the porno industry. 

People don’t want to wait for hours for porn sites to load, to download some smut action, or to see some foxy hot babes. This site is good because it forgoes the convoluted designs and wearisome navigation features (that unfortunately many porn sites have fallen victim to) for a simple to use, aesthetically pleasing look.

Things have also changed inside Nubile Films since they first time they came into the adult entertainment world. They have added more material so as to give them some girth and have added essential navigation features and site tools. They still lack an advanced search engine that would make members lives so much easier, but you can rate material and comment to your heart’s content.

If you are in the mood for certain scenes, with certain themes, you can utilize the keyword and tags to locate all suchlike material. Some of you are saying right now, “yeah okay, they have a great design but that is not going to make me hard, what about the material?”

Well, these guys recognize the need for material that speaks to the “sexual souls” of members and that is exactly what they have inside. The models take part in hardcore, lesbian and solo action. The High Quality material is presented in the most steamy, x-rated manner possible. 

The production team is made up of people who know how to light-up desires. The models are dazzling in terms of their beauty and porno skills. Add up all these different elements and what do you have? Knock-out action that will keep you at the edge of your seat fiddling with yourself and always thirsty for more!

In the last month, they have been able to add some fourteen updates to their collection bringing the number of movies to 98+ and picture gallery to 76+ sets and even a nubile films discount offer. A large chunk of the scenes are superior High Definition videos in mp4 formats. The scenes normally take up 16 minutes of play. 

Big, medium, and small picture sizes can be found and downloaded thanks to the zip file. The 3000 pixel pictures are “out-of-this-world” crazy good!

Nubile’s models are not weighed down by artificial makeup that makes them look like glorified alien porn stars. They have that deep natural exoticness that floats to the surface and is more appealing and ridiculously hot. The performers also have this special ability to lose themselves in the action, making it more credible, and lending an organic chemistry to the sexing sessions that is finger licking good! 

Navigation is fast and responsive and the model index plus the blogs have information about the gals and behind-the-scene drama respectively. You don’t have to pay a king’s ransom to see all the material inside, just pay the honest, well-priced membership fee and revel in the glorious action!

Nubile Films has been building up brick-by-brick, and now, they are at a point where porno fans can seriously contemplate joining them. Those who do take the plunge will not be disappointed with this site.

WowGirls Discount


The Best Wow Girls Discount


33% off a whole months membership – $19.95

33% off an entire 5 month subscription – $19.99 per month

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Wow Girls is changing the landscape of the porn world by being super awesome. They are surely the best news to porno since fast internet connection was first introduced. For many people, they will utter the “wow” exclamation a few times once they enter this site. 

The site has ladies who just amaze you with their incredible beauty and you can sample some of the beauty when you check the Tour Page. And even if your tastes are refined and exotic, you are bound to find something to make you really excited inside this site. The models are very cool, and the material inside is even “chillier” and sexier. You will be able to lay your hands on some 336+ videos that have one thing in common, they are magnificently produced. You will see some well lighted, smooth action, which places importance on all the sexy bits you desire to see. It seems that the High Definition production is being matched with the beauty and charm of the models. They definitely succeed in making this matchup work. 

Some of the options you will see inside the gallery include; 1) clips, 2) full length movies, 3) streaming and downloading options, 4) 22 minute videos with no downloading limitation. All these benefits you can have and use very effortlessly inside this site.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that the beauties inside Wow Girls take part in action ranging from hardcore, solo, to lesbian. Anything that catches your eye inside can be brought to the foreground, and the thumbnails help to motivate your desires and cravings. Interactive features for commenting or rating are just a click away. The rating system that they have put in place enables members to rate the models (beautiful) and to rate the material/action (made me cum) which is a nifty awesome feature. You have the opportunity to watch the 576+ excellent pictures sets that cover all the niches and action these guys have to offer.

High Resolution and .zip downloadable photographs will have you leaking fluids from your precious “member” since they are completely “wowing”. Every day, the site keeps adding material, be it movies or pictures, so there’s never a dull moment once you step inside. 

They also have bonuses for those who like stretching their money to the very limits when it comes to porn sites and bonuses. Initially, you can access the wow girls discount site, and you get upgraded after ninety days. This means you can access more sites (7 to be precise). Live Cams and Archives pile on more action that you can sample and enjoy. They seem to want to make sure that you have as little to complain about once you become a member. Bravo to them!

The way these guys have been cranking out material is delightful and amazing. They have the creativity; the hardcore sex, the stunning models, and the quality production that makes people come back day after day! Wow Girls lives up to its promises, so check them out!

WickedPictures Discount


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When you arrive at Wicked Pictures, the tour is absolutely cool so you won’t wait until you get your hands on your credit card so you would be able to become a member here. There are a thousand wild girls waiting to expose their naked bodies to you. They all have a shaved pussy and that is always a turn on. There are 3587 scenes here and they can be streamed on an embedded player or downloaded through several formats.

Each video is about 20 minutes long and the new ones already come in high definition. There are 3220 photo sets and they can all be saved into a zip file. You can’t forget about the fact that they are all in high resolution and that there are 35 pictures in each file and most are screen captures. 

Wicked Pictures sure looks like a porn site that started two decades ago as they exerted a lot of effort in making the videos here high in quality. There is even an option to view the videos in your mobile device.

You would even get something in terms of bonuses as there are live cam shows for members here. There is a model index here and you can sort them all in alphabetical order. When you look at the list of girls who appear here, it is an all star cast of porn stars. You would realize you came across these girls at least once in your life as a porn fan.

Current temptations to join include a wicked pictures discount offer. The latest scene has Alexis Monroe dressed as a super heroine as she attempts to fight off a couple of goons. Of course, she gets overpowered and it eventually leads to a nice threesome scene. It is one of those scenes that would get stuck on your mind for a long time.

CollegeRules Discount

The Best College Rules Discount


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Everyone knows College Rules is not user submitted even though there are times when you will think they are because of the amateur work. The videos here would make you want to go back to college but you won’t have the privilege of somebody paying your tuition fees anymore. You would have to pay that yourself since you are all grown up. You are going to party with hot college girls so you must decide if all that trouble is going to be worth it. The answer to that is a resounding yes. The videos are usually held at parties that extend way into the early morning.

You are going to be with girls who are still wondering what it feels like to have sex with the opposite sex. They are really curious and if you are up to the task of exposing them to the world of fucking then go right ahead because nobody is stopping you from doing that. The girls here are incredibly hot but there are not much to show here in terms of videos so you may have to look elsewhere if you want a lot of good amateur porn.

You would be getting hard in a hurry when you get a load of the girls here in the College Rules website as they get fucked hard by college dudes. Sometimes, there is a story behind each video and there are times when you won’t even know what is going on. You would hardly care about that as the money shot is what you are looking for. These girls are all going after the big cash prize the website promised the group that submits the best sex video. There are no bonus sites in sight so you would not know what to do when you are looking for updates.

All the content here is exclusive so you would not find the stuff here in another site. If you are a fan of amateur porn then you will love the videos here. It won’t take long before something gets moving inside your underwear. There are a lot of high definition videos too and that is always a plus. You would be able to save the videos you loved in the favorites folder so you can go back to them whenever you are feeling horny again. There are only 88 videos and 88 photo sets here though. Don’t think much of it, the college rules discount does more than make up for it.

PassionHD Discount


The Best Passion HD Discount


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Passion HD speaks for itself. In fact, they are so proud of their high definition graphics that there is plenty of trailers to watch, but be warned, they can become addictive!

A Really Good Model ‘Type’ Spread

The really nice thing about Passion HD is their understanding that all types of models are attractive to all types of people. So, if bookworms are your thing you will find plenty there. The same goes for gorgeous hour-glass figured women, blonds, brunettes and anything else you fancy.

This could be what keeps them strides ahead of any other site. A focus on variety and also pure HD quality.

I personally have a respect for a site that does their homework in order to please us, their paying public.

Nice Genre Cover

The site is peppered with lesbian sex, which is hardcore. Blow-jobs, cum facials, anal, threesomes, face sitting, legs, feet, tug jobs, naughty school-girls, girls next door and tons of up close shots of cum filled pussy’s and mouths licking and sucking off cocks.

Sexy Crazy Natural Beauties

I doubt you would be bored for one second here. The thing which I enjoy the most is the natural look of the girls. They all have that crazy sexy natural beauty and most of the bodies are natural too. So if it is tiny bee-stung titties you are after you will find them here. If it is more softer pendulous breasts you hanker for, you will not be disappointed.

The site content is exclusive to a Passion HD discount that we possess. This is really important as there is nothing worse than paying every month for something you can get for free elsewhere.

Unlimited Download and Ease of Viewing

There is no download limit and the stuff is down loadable on a number of various formats. These include WMV, MPEG, Flash Streaming, which ever is more appropriate for your computer stats and needs.

The scenes are shot at a number of different locations including in-door, out-door and pretty much everything else you fancy. The average age of model there is around 18-30.

Passion HD really does not have to prove itself, it has done for over a decade. They make sure they deliver all their promises and the models are divine and dirty. This is a site well worth investing in.

DDFNetwork Discount


The Best DDF Network Discount


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73% off an entire years subscription – $12.50 per month

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Whenever I review a site the first things that come to mind are: content, is there enough to make me want to join? The other ‘seal the deal’ features include, clarity of film, types of models on their books, reputation of site and one biggie is updates.

If a site does not update it shows a lack of interest to me, so therefore they do not gain my interest, by me becoming a member.

Let’s Look Briefly at Some of These Features

DDF Network is a ‘glamour’ niche. However, do not be fooled. These glorious women are not only so beautiful you could weep over your keyboard, but they enjoy good hard core fucking as well. Now, that is a really good start, in my book anyway. If you are a breast man take a look at Lucie Wilde. Lucie is like ‘breast man heaven’ all packed into one space!

Nice Spread of Model Types

The good news is that whatever type of ‘man’ you call yourself, you will be satisfied by the spread of models they are offering. All puns intended! Mostly blond European models, the entire site has that flavor of European class mixed with dirty sex. There are also some gorgeous Asians, larger butts, perky smaller tits and tight asses.

This goes to say that they have covered their model spectrum very neatly. With over 2000 to choose from I reckon anyone and his uncle will be satisfied at DDF Network.

Huge Content and Great HD Viewing

The next best thing about this network is the size of the content. It is said over the network that there is 12,000 movies. That is more than satisfactory in terms of bulk. I doubt even I could get through that lot in my lifetime.

Regular Updates and Good Customer Service

As mentioned earlier, updates are important, it shows the site is at least active. DDF Network discount hub updates regularly every week, so the content is not only massive but fresh too.

The site has been around for well over a decade and has an avid fan base already. This shows that they must be doing something right. Customer sales and service is up to par in case you do hit a glitch.

There are multiple download options suitable for your own needs. This includes mobile, which for many reasons I find particularly handy.

The site itself is a cinch to navigate around and a charm to behold. The girls are so sexy, so sensual and gorgeous you become a little transfixed by them all.

DDF Network ticks all boxes for me. Plus all the bonus sites thrown in make it a sensible purchase all round. Yes! I do get sensible even when I am horny!

XArt Discount


The Best X Art Discount


75% off a whole months membership – $9.95

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X Art is the kind of diet you need, if you want to have a healthy porn life. And even if this site only brings you mostly softcore love making sessions, there is still something lurking deep inside that can excite anyone. For those who want it hard and frequent with gals sucking and freaking hardcore, then there is also something lurking inside for them.

The variety that X Art has is impressive. Gals from Brazil, Greece, to other exotic lands, the variety, the beauty, the exotic-ness, all these are things you will find whizzing inside this site.

This site used to only have photographs, but they have definitely changed their song, and now, they have 420+ videos. The videos have terrific quality in regards to the type of action and production techniques. The scenes can last for fifteen minutes each. 

There is an interesting way in which most of the videos inside this site start. The music score that introduces you to the scene, backdrop, performers, is quickly muted when those “sexual moans” begin emerging as the throes of passion begin to rise. The options you have for formats include mp4, wmv, QuickTime, and flv. There are HIGH DEF movies that are beautiful to look at, and even more beautiful to download and have in your library forever.

The two hundred dazzling X Art models inside have their pages and take part in some 566+ picture galleries. There is a model index to keep you apprised of all the new and older gals, plus the update page is current with all the latest additions. The pictures are not amateurish, bad photos, but rather HIGH RES beauties that will stiffen your desires in a matter of seconds! Sets of pictures can be saved using the zip file.  The site doesn’t have bonus action. They do however have an updating schedule that delivers up-to seventeen updates every thirty days/ 1 month. You have to understand that these guys are still maturing and expanding. But the direction/path that they have chosen is one of exquisite quality, which will surely leave you thoroughly entertained.

The X Art discount includes the entire site’s access to babes galore, that is a fact! If you are simply infatuated with babe porn and would like to get it in the highest, sexiest, quality possible, you need to consider these guys seriously. You really will not regret it!

EvilAngel Discount

The Best Evil Angel Discount


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Evil Angel is one marvelous place where angels are given wings to fly in and out of your fantasies and help you “cum to your dreams”. This is an astute assessment of what these guys are doing to their online members. 

The form of hardcore provocation that happens here involves stuff like anal, solo, teen, hardcore, lesbian, tranny, cum swapping, toy play and so much more. So, if you are still standing hesitant at the gates of this magnificent porn paradise and wondering “should you go in?” well, here is more information to help you come to a decision.

To simply say that these guys have x-rated action is simply putting it too mildly. There is so much more to this site than simply unbelievable hardcore porn. These guys have spent a great deal of time and energy into their product.

The design of Evil Angel is of the kind of caliber that you would expect from any respectable porn powerhouse company. There are thumbnails to tease you with material. The search options are so good that you will find everything you desire. The energy you will use searching for the right kind of material is minimal at best.

There are options you can use to find niches, directors, porn stars, and even DVD titles inside this site. The porn movies will delight every fiber in your body, and boy, you have a lot of material to sample when it comes to the galleries. What we are talking about is a mountainous 9100+ videos, cut from some 1510+ full DVD titles. 

The Evil Angel movies have porn stars in them and also porn legends make an appearance. These dudes are simply amazing in the way they present their action and the inclusion of the “big guns” in the material only makes matters much more interesting. Many of the videos are High Def versions, so excellent playback quality is what you can look forward to.

Your appreciation of the 4284+ pictures inside will be manifested by the massive hard-on you will be rocking! The images are savable (zip file) or viewable online. Want to have some model “winking their tight holes” as your screen saver on your computer, no problem just download and enjoy!

The updating schedule must be very fast and frequent if you consider the size of the galleries. This is true since they update daily, with added live cams, but no bonus action. This is not a real disappointment considering the mammoth action that you already have to go through.

No one is perfect, and those who say that they are, well, they are simply lying. These guys may have some few “teething issues” but the bulk of their “muscle” is simply well chiseled, well refined, and a delight to look at! They do hardcore, kinky, quality, and quantity porn production that is worth your money and time. The evil angel discount surely gets our recommendation, and them some!

Dog Fart Discount


The Best DogFart Discount


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As common as it may sound, but it is a truth that can never be denied: life is short and every human existence is a fleeting experience. With that said, it is always a good thing, perhaps the best of things, to try something new. In order to drive you into that act, you should learn to liberate yourself from the confines you have made yourself exclusive to. What I’m trying to say is that just because you’re a white person with blond hair and all that, it doesn’t mean you should only fuck with girls of your own color. Sometimes, you gotta try black because as the saying goes, two opposites make the perfect attraction. DogFart is always here to prove that true. 

First of all, the DogFart discount is not just an awesome deal on any one website. Instead, it is a network of porn sites. To make it sound classier and more accurate to what it really is, it’s a compendium of all the beautiful sites around the world. I mean that in the context of interracial porn. Yes, you read that right, and DogFart brings you 20 of the best interracial sites out there namely Black Meat White Feet, GloryHole, Blacks on Blondes, Watching My Mom Go Black, Interracial Blowing, Wife Writing, Blacks and Boys, Handjobs and GloryHoles, Katie Thomas, Barb Cummings, Spring Thomas, Candy Monroe, Interracial Pickups, Blacks on Cougars, Watching My Daughter Go Black, Initiations, Zebra Girls, and Cuckold Sessions. 

I would not be able to give you the quantity, but all I can say is that there are thousands of stunning media for interracial porn out there waiting for you. Just imagine that from Blacks On Blondes alone you can get over 2000 high quality interracial porn. And what’s more amazing is that you get access from all the sites, including DogFart at a cost of one, just for 9.99 dollars a month. That saves you more than you can imagine.

This is truly the way to go if you want to endeavor the world of blacks and blondes people coming together for porn art’s sake. Enjoy!

PlayboyPlus Discount


The Best Playboy Plus Discount


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Back in the days, the internet was not really that popular to everyone yet. And for that certain populace, the most they could get as masturbation material was the sexy magazines, one of which being Playboy, which also happened to be the best from then … and on. With the kind of content the magazine produces, who wouldn’t want to imitate it? In the adult industry, PlayBoy Plus has decided to take the magazine into life, but even better and even more liberated, you know, no covers at all. Just plain nakedness and pure sex action!

Let me tell you one thing first: PlayBoy Plus ain’t your daddy’s kind of porn site. Hell no, and if that were the case, I would really puke. But nah, the site is totally a whole new breed. It is in many ways inspired by the Playboy mag as far as the vitals of the women go. They are all curvy with big boobs and enormous racks. In simpler, more direct terms, they are absolutely fuckable, period. The main goal of the site is to draw the most gorgeous women into bed action, recorded on cam, published to the web for the ultimate pleasure and entertainment of the male mass … as well as to those who are open to all sexes and porn!

First of all, you will get some form of reminiscence. And why is that? Simply because it is akin to the premise of Playboy mag, quality sexiness at its finest. It’s just that in the site, it’s all about bringing porn art to the most grandiose of all scales. So basically, what you get here is what you have always wanted — exceptional porn content. To date, there are over 2100 videos that can be found in the site, all arranged by category and can be searched through time range filters, category filters and all those kinds of easy access boons.

There are also photo galleries, but pfff, that would be the least of your concerns. The videos already make everything ice cream with sprinkles on top. And if you want to join the site, go ahead! It’s only 5.83 dollars a month when using the playboy plus discount provided, which is not even a fraction of the site’s value!

Twistys Network Discount


The Best Twistys Discount


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Before you get all entangled inside this network called Twistys, you need to first mentally prepare for lots of quality action. Your membership password and username will be help you gain access to the network homepage that has all the sites listed. This particular porn provider dishes out material like a top quality chef and they say they have 2659+ models, which we assume is across the entire network.

The main page is well designed with a “welcoming kind of appeal” to it. As you slowly get sucked into the massive amount of punany action happening inside, you will not want to leave any time soon. These guys approach you with a velvet-like softness in regards to the way they present their material. They want you to be comfortable and relax so that you can really soak in the sex action about to spill all over your face. 

The Twistys network has been constantly adding more smut action. They now have over 6812 videos and 17105 picture galleries. As for the entire network count, there are some 22000+ videos, thousands of models, and well over a million pictures.

There is no possible way that you will be bored when you are perusing all this action. You are bound to find the gal, niche, hardcore scenes, and pictures you want (that is a guarantee!) 

To find the softcore or hardcore scenes you want, there are tools and features for advanced searching. You will see that you can stream or download the action. There is masturbation, glam-porn, fantasies, hardcore, fetishes, big boobs, and so many other niches. The models will do it on their own, use toys, or ravage pricks left, right, and center until satisfaction is fully achieved.

There is a lot of unfiltered passion and sexual fervor inside that will entertain your deep sexual urges. You will get various video formats (QuickTime, mp4, wmv); there is a .zip file and slide show features for pictures; High Res and High Def images and videos respectively; and professional production and camerawork that makes the material exhilarating to watch. 

You will want to see everything these guys have to offer which means you will spend hours on end inside this network using a twistys discount to feel great about it. And to completely envelope you with smut action all day, every day, these guys have some bonus action in store for you.

There is an archive DVD section where you can find more full length hardcore frolicking that these guys have produced over the years. What is the number? Over one hundred DVD titles. You can interact on the forum by posting your thoughts. There are other sites that you receive as bonus when you join this one including Blue Fantasies, Euro Foxes, Busty Ones, Etc. 

“Final word?” 
Twistys deserves your exclusive attention if what you desire is quality softcore and hardcore porn action. They know what they are doing, and what they do, they do it to utter perfection. Join them and enjoy!

Mofos Network Discount


The Best Mofos Discount


40% off a whole months membership – $17.95

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Mofos can be considered a subsidiary of the amazing hardcore premium family called Brazzers Network. The launch of this network was received with much delight since they brought top quality reality niche hardcore to the market. And since they came into the industry, they have done everything to maintain their high level of quality. This has meant a makeover of the network while still maintaining the essential tidbits that made it a hit in the first place. 

Amongst the new sites that have been added to this network we have PERVS ON PATROL, I KNOW THAT GIRL, REAL SLUT PARTY, most of which focus on the amateur and coed porn niche. They still have the older sites that have become a cult favorite among the members of this network. When everything is said and done, you will receive eight banging sites when you become a member.

Step over the threshold and you are instantly taken to the Member’s Area that has been made very user-friendly. The homepage has been customized and all advertisements removed. This makes it look sharp and tidy. It also lets members get access to new action very fast. 

There is a “porn list” option, which allows you to pick and save all your favorites for later intense viewing. The main page of the Mofos network is where all the updates are located. There are features that let you find “soon-to-come” material, highest rated porn, and the network’s archive section.

The updating schedule deployed by this network gives members five new videos each week. This is on top of the 1146+ videos already uploaded. The videos are thirty minute long (or more) and you receive a plethora of formats like wmv, flv, iPod/psp, mpeg, not forgetting the various qualities and bit rates that are provided. 

The archive video has around three hundred and four movies. You will find videos earmarked with the 720p and 1080p High Def label, which means clean images and exceptional quality. If you lack the patience needed to watch the long videos, there are minute long clips that give you your instant fix of quality reality hardcore porn.

You will find stars included with the mofos discount who have become notorious over the years thanks to their insatiable craving for long hard pricks. You will find new comers who look so enticing and show off their lewd behavior for your entertainment. You will find a variety of gals, amateurs, coeds, ex girlfriends, milfs, petite, big boobs, big assed, etc. 

You will find “neighbor-sex-fantasy” material inside, naughty teens, and so much reality themed fantasy action that will leave you hard, drooling lots of white creamy stuff! The 751+ image galleries can be saved using the zip file. The images, like the videos, are High Quality with many High Res images available. There is a bonus section, 3rd party feeds, live chat, model index, full DVD archives, and so much more on this network.

We thought when they first came out that there is no way they could do anything better than they already had, we were wrong. These guys have made Mofos so stylish, so engaging, so professional, so hardcore, that anyone who becomes a member will appreciate what they have done. Check them out!

DigitalPlayground Discount


The Best Digital Playground Discount


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There are 1400 galleries at the Digital Playground but they can’t be saved into a Zip file for some reason. There are 2741 scenes here and the sad part is they don’t have a download option available as you can only stream them on an embedded player and enjoy them there. The people from the DP production company brought this big baby to the Internet and we could not be any more happier.

Digital Playground has been doing this for a long time so you will know why the quality of the movies and pictures are really high. The fact that you can’t download the videos here will sting you for a long time. You would have to get used to the fact that you can only stream them so you must have a fast Internet connection or else they would always buffer.

You can save your favorites here which would be great so you can come back to these videos every time you need to let out your frustration in the form of getting your cock hard easily then letting it all out by jacking it off. You would not have to waste time to look for a video that is good enough to get your cock hard. You have to admit some videos just don’t have the formula to get your cock hard right away. They have a models section here called the girls section where you will find all the lovely ladies who got to perform before your very eyes.

You won’t have any problem when it comes to looking for the ladies you want to see naked as they are all here. You are going to love jacking off to these hot babes and they would be more than happy to expose their incredible bodies to the members. You would be more than happy to recommend the digital playground discount to everyone you know and you know they would thank you after you recommended the website. You can be confident they would tap you in the back for a job well done.

Brazzers Network Discount


The Best Brazzers Discount


40% off a whole months membership – $17.95

75% off an entire years subscription – $7.95 per month

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The makers of Brazzers were not kidding around when they told everyone that this is the best porn site on the planet. You are going to get access to 30 high quality sites that are just screaming high in terms of quality. There is a model index here that features all of the girls that make an appearance in the entire network and they are a mixture of young porn stars and girls who already made a name for themselves in the world of porn.

There are 5625 Brazzers photo sets and they are all available to be downloaded in Zip files so you can take a look at the high resolution versions. There are 5737 videos and they can be streamed though an embedded player or downloaded through a Windows Media or MP4 format. Most of them already come in HD format which is really good news for hardcore porn fans. Some sites stopped updating for a few months though while some sites update on a regular basis. 

There is no advanced search in sight here so you would have to get used to the basic search tool. The trial here is pretty limited so you would have to really become a member in order to see the truck load of nice porn here. You won’t regret joining when you see the brazzers discount because the girls here are simply stunning. Due to the many websites in the network, you can be sure you will get updates on a daily basis. One of the sites here is Doctor Adventures and it is a site where the country’s top porn stars get to play doctor while their patients schedule for more than just a check up. It is cool to have the clinic as your setting for a banging good time.

Another Brazzers site is MILFs like it Big which tells you what mothers are craving for when they decide to check out the cocks of some black guys while their husbands are out trying to make a living in their jobs. You may feel sorry for the husbands but you won’t think of that while you are watching them get fucked.

Bang Bros Discount


The Best BangBros Discount


50% off a whole months membership – $14.95

67% off an entire years subscription – $9.95 per month

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Legendary, celebrated, reputable, popular, innovative, original, and creative are just some of the words many critics use when talking about BangBros. Are these critics being impartial and fair by heaping such acclaim to this network? Let’s find out.

These guys have been behind some of the best porn sites to hit the internet. They are the masters that came up with the BANG BUS site and they have never slowed down. Due to their dedication, they have managed to collect forty plus sites into a hard-hitting package and they have over 2000 gals inside. With their massive collection of sites, they have 6813+ videos and 6813+ images inside their galleries. 

The plethora of video formats makes viewing the material fast and convenient. Thirty minute long videos, stream and download features, multi bandwidth, .zip file, and other features all give the network a resourcefulness that only first-rate networks have. If unfiltered hardcore passion and niches is what your body yearns for, these guys have the sites and material to sort you out. Beside the bangbros discount on new memberships, inside you will find teens, reality, ass, boobs, babes, porn stars, amateur, ethnic, and various other niches. This buffet of passion and hardcore sex sins will make the hairs at the back of your neck stand erect. The navigation features inside allow browsing of each site. And every time you come back, you will find that there is some new update waiting to get you sexually aroused. 

The BangBros updates maintain the high level of production and quality previously set by older material. If you have yet to see a babe taking it hard in 1080p resolution, you have no idea what you are missing. The 2920+ models give you options when it comes to looks, sexual talent, and sexual abilities. You will see well-known super porn stars doing it hardcore style next to new cuties inside this network. There is info about the models and bios for members to read. The photos are not ill-lighted or amateur camerawork that lacks luster and focus. They are sharp, colorful mosaics that will make you ejaculate like a high-powered water hose.

As you peruse the older material, you will see that the quality will slowly deteriorate. This is expected with such a big network housing such large archives of material. The basic search engine could also be spruced up to give offer more mobility to members as they look for material inside the network. And to round off thing that could be improved inside this network, there is the issue of some sites not offering new updates on a regular schedule.

Along with your membership, you will have third party feeds, model index, live cams, and bonus sites. Anybody who says that this network is not a good investment is out right lying. We love what these guys have done and what they continue to do. BangBros has style, passion, quality, and hardcore material. You should consider joining them if these are the things you want.

RealityKings Discount


The Best Reality Kings Discount


55% off a whole months membership – $17.95

80% off an entire years subscription – $7.95 per month

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Ten years ago, who would have thought that Reality Kings would become such a brand-leading network in the porn industry. They managed to this by making sure that they surpassed members expectations and constantly gave them HQ material and services. They also made sure that they have their “Royal Fingers” in many porn niches, so that their network was as versatile as possible. 

According to the last time we visited this network, there are thirty-six sites, which cover more than thirty-six niches. So, apart from their immaculate reputation for being “Royal Rulers and Leaders” in the industry, what kind of material and services can a novice member anticipate?

From the day they became functional, this network had a plan that was simple and direct. Simply offer the best hardcore porn in the market with the best support services. The RealityKings network has had to re-image their layout over the years. This improvement was aimed at making navigation fast and giving the network a beautiful theme and an appearance that would attract more members. 

The filters inside let you separate the models according to various criteria. Interactive tools for rating, commenting, and adding favorites are there and a new feature that makes you just love this network is the update calendar. What this does is let you know how fast and how often this premium network updates new material. The browsing experience that you will have inside this network will leave you breathless, horny, happy, and very hungry for more. When you sample the sites inside the network, the color scheme and the consistent quality throughout is something you are bound to notice. This is another plus point for the kings!

The new updates are lifelike in appearance thanks to the HD encoding that they come in. If you have ever watched high end, high quality, and HD material, you know how quickly you can lose yourself in the hardcore passion playing. This network has worked hard to make sure that the “seams” that hold the sites together and the material inside is the very best version like the reality kings discount that they can provide to their members.

As for the actual numbers inside, members receive 7273+ videos and 7273+ images. This massive archive of material amassed over a decade is not only impressive in terms of quality, it is searing hot in terms of hardcore naughtiness. And every single day that passes, these guys will give you new updates of videos, images, and more recently, new sites. If you are sneering and thinking this is too good to be true, well, you are wrong. And even though the network has certain sites that are sluggish in updating, the rest are excellent and keep up the daily updating schedule. Material from early 2000 will not have the same clarity, HD, and High Res quality as stuff made last year.

Given the opportunity, we could sing this network praises from dusk till dawn. They have all the kinky sex scenes and most are quality action. They have beautiful gals, lots of sites, great services, and generally, a well-rounded porn network. Honestly, what are you waiting for? Go on and join Reality Kings today!

21 Sextury Discount


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When you sample what 21Sextury has to offer, you will understand why it is one of the best porn networks in the business. The network has managed to stitch together an awesome collection of hardcore sites that specialise in making viewers go bananas with lust. Some of the sites you will receive inside include, SWEET SOPHIE MOONE, LEZCUTIES, CHEATING WHORE WIVES, SEX WITH KATHIA NOBILI, NUDE FIGHT CLUB, PIX AND VIDEO, BUTT PLAYS, CLUB SANDY, ONLY SWALLOWS, CUTIES GALORE, DPFANATICS, ETC.

Inside this piece of “pure porn heaven”, you will discover around 10368 updates of videos and pictures. With the photos, you get HIGH RES images that have different pixel quality. As for the movies, members enjoy streaming and downloading features, wmv, mp4 and flv video formats, HD quality movies.

As for the updating schedule, the 21Sextury discount network does this 2 times a week for most of the sites. In the 21 century, porn lovers have become accustomed to well produced porn material. This is exactly what you will find inside this network. The variety of porn genres available include solo scenes, toy play, anal, big butts, dp, blowjobs, facials, lesbians, and a lot more. You will see cute gals squirting juices everywhere, screaming, playing, creaming and generally having a good time performing for you. There is even some fetish material for those with “extra” kinky feelings.

Members will be delighted with the nineteen extra channels that enable them acquire more material from various sources. The newly designed Members Area looks more inclusive and coherent and lets you check out what’s the latest inside the network.

Some might see this uniformity as boring or undistinguished, other don’t. Regardless of where you stand, the thing that has not changed is the quality and erotic nature of the material inside. The network has a user friendly interface that lets you take care of your business fast and efficiently.

The simple truth is that 21Sextury has managed to come up with a network that is worth every single penny that members dish out to join. They are always improving stuff so you can expect better pictures, videos, gals, sites, navigation tools, and other features in the not so distant future. There is no plausible reason why you should not join this network, if you want some of the best sizzling hardcore action.

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Team Skeet is an equal opportunity network that mixes famous porn stars with amateur new comers, and even some coeds. The two things that this network promises to deliver, 1) high quality hardcore action and 2) exclusive material.

When you pay for your membership, you will get around nineteen sites that will provide you with lots of material to help you work yourself into a sexual frenzy. Some of these sites include POV LIFE, OYE LOCA, HER FRESHMAN YEAR, TITTY ATTACK, TEEN CURVES, LUST HD, THE REAL WORKOUT, etc.

As it stands the Team Skeet discount network has around 1445 different updates for its members to look over. For a lot of these updates, there are pictures and videos. The photos have a nice pixel quality that will enable you to expand them to fill your screen. Using the .zip file, you can save the pictures you want while the movies come in flv, mp4 and wmv formats. Streaming and downloading is simple enough. HD videos can be found inside this network. The network promises that every site will have new material for members every week, so forget about watching the same old material over and over again.

The network has been slowly but steadily accumulating both material and more porn sites in the past couple of years. The variety you can expect from this site is magnificent. There are busty babes doing hardcore sex scenes. There is reality material with sex scenes happening in the gym and other areas. There are “small-holed gals”, big pricks, cute amateurs, Latinas, Sexy teens, pov, blowjobs, and various other niches that will keep you biting your lip in sheer ecstasy. Navigation inside this network is very professional and very responsive. If you click around the network, or even go to the individual sites, you will get a certain consistency when it comes to the navigation features.

You can easily read all the information about “coming soon” material inside the site. The presentation and the layout of the sites inside this network are different, but all have that same quality and class. Menu popups and links to material are helpful in cutting-down time wasted and letting you focus on what you really want, hardcore quality porn material.

Everything inside the Team Skeet network is where it should be and everything works perfectly. The niches inside will keep you panting and moaning for a long time and the quality of this network is definitely above average. The material inside is not exactly ground breaking stuff, but it does serve its function i.e. make members hard and give them quality smut material. We definitely recommend you give Team Skeet a chance.

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Some things are just too good to be true. But sometimes, there’s no other choice but to believe in them because they’re right in front of your eyes, existing, breathing, living. It’s all within your grasp and you just gotta take it. A good example for that one would be VideoBox – a site full of porn magic. When you see what they have got to offer, you will be terrified by the amount of high quality porn media they have at hand. Perhaps you will end up crying out of happiness and the gods will be exalting for that. Anyways, let us take a deeper insight on what Video Box really is all about on a member’s perspective. My perspective.

What is Video Box?

VideoBox is the Keeper of all the best DVD copy porn videos in town. It domineers in the industry with the kind of command it’s got with the amount of videos it holds. And yes, all videos, no bullshit inanimate images. I mean who wants to stare at sexy pictures when you can see them moving, right? For this site, sky is the limit. With the large database it currently holds, it still continues to expand by the day. So yeah, every visit, you can really expect something new.

You get nothing special really with VideoBox. Yes, you will only get the chance to watch as much as you can out of 162,000 plus movies that are all as clear as DVD movie copies. The categories encompass almost everything you could think of – from stepdaughter fucking dad, brother fucking sister, or any kind of incest contest, to lesbians, to Germans, to Slovenians, to stupid American blondes that are fuckin’ hot, Brunettes, MILFs and so much, much, much more. So, okay, I’m taking back my word. It’s more special than I thought it to be! And the best part, only 12 dollars a month with the videobox discount shown!

What are my final thoughts?

With the diversity of the contents, the high quality flicks, the hot models, the constant updates, and other boons of the Videobox site, it deserves nothing less than a 10 out of 10! Join the site now and get to mingle in the community and get your boners rolling like never before.

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Life continues to get harder by the day. That is a reality that we all must face, and there’s no really point receding. Just always keep holding on your horses because you know for a fact that it will all pass, the storms, the unlikely weather and everything else that goes along it. And in order to cope up with all the strident realities, you may have to toughen yourself up and even be naughty. Naughty equates to sex and who doesn’t love sex? The most vital commodity in the field of human survival – Naughty America will always be by your side for that matter.

Why I Love Naughty America…

You should love it, too! Okay, there are several valid reasons for that. Naughty America isn’t just another porn site. Though its constantly growing popularity has turned it into another mainstream portal, it still hasn’t lost and probably will never lose its essence. The site is injected with the best possible porn videos you could ever look for. There’s a wide variety of categories, from creampies, to hard pounds, to blowjobs, to lesbians, to threesomes, to foursomes, to swingers, to MILFs and to all other nastily naughty niche you could ever think of. Its biodiversity at its finest!

Like they all say, “Nobody does it better.” And yes, it’s true, the whole scheme is just as sexy as the lady who says that phrase for every video intro. For only 14.95 dollars a month, originally 24.95 dollars without the naughty america discount but cut to a lower price due to over-popularity, you will get over 4800 high definition videos from Naughty America, as well as 4600 plus photo galleries. Each video runs at 5 to full hour lengths and the photos are galvanizing with their mystical depiction that you may never be able to explain. Because, they’re all just … perfect.

In addition to that, you can download as much videos and photos as you want so as to fully reload your caliber. Wherever and whenever you want to masturbate, you can always do that best with a Naughty America creation at hand.