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The guys who had the most fun in college seem to be the ones who lived in the college dorms. This observation we have made after stumbling on to this site by the name Dare Dorm! You will “cum” to the same conclusion when you check out this site.

You will discover that college has another sexual side that you might have completely missed. You will see what properly motivated college coeds can get up to when the camera start rolling. What we are trying to say in so many words is that there is a lot of college party and sex happening inside the galleries of this porn site.

The site only motivates the students to go out and have fun. They do this by offering the students cash prizes for the best submissions. The students then go ahead and have orgies, threesomes, boy on gal action and even coed on coed action.

For the students, they seem to only need the flimsiest of excuses to run off and have wild sex parties. The fact that they are being offered 1000 dollars is only making them go all out in their sexual mischief on campus.

The site has an updating schedule that releases new material every 2 weeks. This might not be a very rapid speed but it’s a reliable one so deal with it! It also looks like they have reduced the amount of cash prize. But all these issues fall into the background when your focus is completely sucked in by the material inside the galleries. The site looks like they have no picture galleries in their archive of material. A very huge let down, but cheer up! They have 103+ videos inside for you to see what the word “dare” means in the minds of sexed up coeds.

The movies are long. How long? How about 50 to 60 minutes long! You can only stream the material, another diss that we don’t really appreciate about this site. Get over it, we got a Dare Dorm discount for darn it!

Moving on, the videos inside are good quality flicks and these guys offer viewers high definition playback options. If you are hung up on the question of whether the material is “real submission” or “not”, we really can’t say with complete confidence that it is or it isn’t! All we can say is that it looks and feels very amateurish. We can also say that the coeds are wonderful and beautiful. Those who have already tasted the brew that these guys are pouring are satisfied with what they have gotten so far, so chances are that you are going to feel the same!

The sex action is hot, there is no doubt there. The way the material is displayed doesn’t come off as being too heavily staged, so that’s another point to consider. For the most part, Dare Dorm has only good things to offer anyone who wants to join. They have this “coed amateur partying sex thing” going on that is very entertaining. They can improve (and we pray that they do) but they are not a bad investment for coed porn lovers!