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DDFNetwork Discount


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Whenever I review a site the first things that come to mind are: content, is there enough to make me want to join? The other ‘seal the deal’ features include, clarity of film, types of models on their books, reputation of site and one biggie is updates.

If a site does not update it shows a lack of interest to me, so therefore they do not gain my interest, by me becoming a member.

Let’s Look Briefly at Some of These Features

DDF Network is a ‘glamour’ niche. However, do not be fooled. These glorious women are not only so beautiful you could weep over your keyboard, but they enjoy good hard core fucking as well. Now, that is a really good start, in my book anyway. If you are a breast man take a look at Lucie Wilde. Lucie is like ‘breast man heaven’ all packed into one space!

Nice Spread of Model Types

The good news is that whatever type of ‘man’ you call yourself, you will be satisfied by the spread of models they are offering. All puns intended! Mostly blond European models, the entire site has that flavor of European class mixed with dirty sex. There are also some gorgeous Asians, larger butts, perky smaller tits and tight asses.

This goes to say that they have covered their model spectrum very neatly. With over 2000 to choose from I reckon anyone and his uncle will be satisfied at DDF Network.

Huge Content and Great HD Viewing

The next best thing about this network is the size of the content. It is said over the network that there is 12,000 movies. That is more than satisfactory in terms of bulk. I doubt even I could get through that lot in my lifetime.

Regular Updates and Good Customer Service

As mentioned earlier, updates are important, it shows the site is at least active. DDF Network discount hub updates regularly every week, so the content is not only massive but fresh too.

The site has been around for well over a decade and has an avid fan base already. This shows that they must be doing something right. Customer sales and service is up to par in case you do hit a glitch.

There are multiple download options suitable for your own needs. This includes mobile, which for many reasons I find particularly handy.

The site itself is a cinch to navigate around and a charm to behold. The girls are so sexy, so sensual and gorgeous you become a little transfixed by them all.

DDF Network ticks all boxes for me. Plus all the bonus sites thrown in make it a sensible purchase all round. Yes! I do get sensible even when I am horny!

XArt Discount


The Best X Art Discount


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X Art is the kind of diet you need, if you want to have a healthy porn life. And even if this site only brings you mostly softcore love making sessions, there is still something lurking deep inside that can excite anyone. For those who want it hard and frequent with gals sucking and freaking hardcore, then there is also something lurking inside for them.

The variety that X Art has is impressive. Gals from Brazil, Greece, to other exotic lands, the variety, the beauty, the exotic-ness, all these are things you will find whizzing inside this site.

This site used to only have photographs, but they have definitely changed their song, and now, they have 420+ videos. The videos have terrific quality in regards to the type of action and production techniques. The scenes can last for fifteen minutes each. 

There is an interesting way in which most of the videos inside this site start. The music score that introduces you to the scene, backdrop, performers, is quickly muted when those “sexual moans” begin emerging as the throes of passion begin to rise. The options you have for formats include mp4, wmv, QuickTime, and flv. There are HIGH DEF movies that are beautiful to look at, and even more beautiful to download and have in your library forever.

The two hundred dazzling X Art models inside have their pages and take part in some 566+ picture galleries. There is a model index to keep you apprised of all the new and older gals, plus the update page is current with all the latest additions. The pictures are not amateurish, bad photos, but rather HIGH RES beauties that will stiffen your desires in a matter of seconds! Sets of pictures can be saved using the zip file.  The site doesn’t have bonus action. They do however have an updating schedule that delivers up-to seventeen updates every thirty days/ 1 month. You have to understand that these guys are still maturing and expanding. But the direction/path that they have chosen is one of exquisite quality, which will surely leave you thoroughly entertained.

The X Art discount includes the entire site’s access to babes galore, that is a fact! If you are simply infatuated with babe porn and would like to get it in the highest, sexiest, quality possible, you need to consider these guys seriously. You really will not regret it!

EvilAngel Discount

The Best Evil Angel Discount


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Evil Angel is one marvelous place where angels are given wings to fly in and out of your fantasies and help you “cum to your dreams”. This is an astute assessment of what these guys are doing to their online members. 

The form of hardcore provocation that happens here involves stuff like anal, solo, teen, hardcore, lesbian, tranny, cum swapping, toy play and so much more. So, if you are still standing hesitant at the gates of this magnificent porn paradise and wondering “should you go in?” well, here is more information to help you come to a decision.

To simply say that these guys have x-rated action is simply putting it too mildly. There is so much more to this site than simply unbelievable hardcore porn. These guys have spent a great deal of time and energy into their product.

The design of Evil Angel is of the kind of caliber that you would expect from any respectable porn powerhouse company. There are thumbnails to tease you with material. The search options are so good that you will find everything you desire. The energy you will use searching for the right kind of material is minimal at best.

There are options you can use to find niches, directors, porn stars, and even DVD titles inside this site. The porn movies will delight every fiber in your body, and boy, you have a lot of material to sample when it comes to the galleries. What we are talking about is a mountainous 9100+ videos, cut from some 1510+ full DVD titles. 

The Evil Angel movies have porn stars in them and also porn legends make an appearance. These dudes are simply amazing in the way they present their action and the inclusion of the “big guns” in the material only makes matters much more interesting. Many of the videos are High Def versions, so excellent playback quality is what you can look forward to.

Your appreciation of the 4284+ pictures inside will be manifested by the massive hard-on you will be rocking! The images are savable (zip file) or viewable online. Want to have some model “winking their tight holes” as your screen saver on your computer, no problem just download and enjoy!

The updating schedule must be very fast and frequent if you consider the size of the galleries. This is true since they update daily, with added live cams, but no bonus action. This is not a real disappointment considering the mammoth action that you already have to go through.

No one is perfect, and those who say that they are, well, they are simply lying. These guys may have some few “teething issues” but the bulk of their “muscle” is simply well chiseled, well refined, and a delight to look at! They do hardcore, kinky, quality, and quantity porn production that is worth your money and time. The evil angel discount surely gets our recommendation, and them some!

Dog Fart Discount


The Best DogFart Discount


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As common as it may sound, but it is a truth that can never be denied: life is short and every human existence is a fleeting experience. With that said, it is always a good thing, perhaps the best of things, to try something new. In order to drive you into that act, you should learn to liberate yourself from the confines you have made yourself exclusive to. What I’m trying to say is that just because you’re a white person with blond hair and all that, it doesn’t mean you should only fuck with girls of your own color. Sometimes, you gotta try black because as the saying goes, two opposites make the perfect attraction. DogFart is always here to prove that true. 

First of all, the DogFart discount is not just an awesome deal on any one website. Instead, it is a network of porn sites. To make it sound classier and more accurate to what it really is, it’s a compendium of all the beautiful sites around the world. I mean that in the context of interracial porn. Yes, you read that right, and DogFart brings you 20 of the best interracial sites out there namely Black Meat White Feet, GloryHole, Blacks on Blondes, Watching My Mom Go Black, Interracial Blowing, Wife Writing, Blacks and Boys, Handjobs and GloryHoles, Katie Thomas, Barb Cummings, Spring Thomas, Candy Monroe, Interracial Pickups, Blacks on Cougars, Watching My Daughter Go Black, Initiations, Zebra Girls, and Cuckold Sessions. 

I would not be able to give you the quantity, but all I can say is that there are thousands of stunning media for interracial porn out there waiting for you. Just imagine that from Blacks On Blondes alone you can get over 2000 high quality interracial porn. And what’s more amazing is that you get access from all the sites, including DogFart at a cost of one, just for 9.99 dollars a month. That saves you more than you can imagine.

This is truly the way to go if you want to endeavor the world of blacks and blondes people coming together for porn art’s sake. Enjoy!

PlayboyPlus Discount


The Best Playboy Plus Discount


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Back in the days, the internet was not really that popular to everyone yet. And for that certain populace, the most they could get as masturbation material was the sexy magazines, one of which being Playboy, which also happened to be the best from then … and on. With the kind of content the magazine produces, who wouldn’t want to imitate it? In the adult industry, PlayBoy Plus has decided to take the magazine into life, but even better and even more liberated, you know, no covers at all. Just plain nakedness and pure sex action!

Let me tell you one thing first: PlayBoy Plus ain’t your daddy’s kind of porn site. Hell no, and if that were the case, I would really puke. But nah, the site is totally a whole new breed. It is in many ways inspired by the Playboy mag as far as the vitals of the women go. They are all curvy with big boobs and enormous racks. In simpler, more direct terms, they are absolutely fuckable, period. The main goal of the site is to draw the most gorgeous women into bed action, recorded on cam, published to the web for the ultimate pleasure and entertainment of the male mass … as well as to those who are open to all sexes and porn!

First of all, you will get some form of reminiscence. And why is that? Simply because it is akin to the premise of Playboy mag, quality sexiness at its finest. It’s just that in the site, it’s all about bringing porn art to the most grandiose of all scales. So basically, what you get here is what you have always wanted — exceptional porn content. To date, there are over 2100 videos that can be found in the site, all arranged by category and can be searched through time range filters, category filters and all those kinds of easy access boons.

There are also photo galleries, but pfff, that would be the least of your concerns. The videos already make everything ice cream with sprinkles on top. And if you want to join the site, go ahead! It’s only 5.83 dollars a month when using the playboy plus discount provided, which is not even a fraction of the site’s value!

Twistys Network Discount


The Best Twistys Discount


33% off a whole months membership – $19.95

75% off an entire years subscription – $7.95 per month

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Before you get all entangled inside this network called Twistys, you need to first mentally prepare for lots of quality action. Your membership password and username will be help you gain access to the network homepage that has all the sites listed. This particular porn provider dishes out material like a top quality chef and they say they have 2659+ models, which we assume is across the entire network.

The main page is well designed with a “welcoming kind of appeal” to it. As you slowly get sucked into the massive amount of punany action happening inside, you will not want to leave any time soon. These guys approach you with a velvet-like softness in regards to the way they present their material. They want you to be comfortable and relax so that you can really soak in the sex action about to spill all over your face. 

The Twistys network has been constantly adding more smut action. They now have over 6812 videos and 17105 picture galleries. As for the entire network count, there are some 22000+ videos, thousands of models, and well over a million pictures.

There is no possible way that you will be bored when you are perusing all this action. You are bound to find the gal, niche, hardcore scenes, and pictures you want (that is a guarantee!) 

To find the softcore or hardcore scenes you want, there are tools and features for advanced searching. You will see that you can stream or download the action. There is masturbation, glam-porn, fantasies, hardcore, fetishes, big boobs, and so many other niches. The models will do it on their own, use toys, or ravage pricks left, right, and center until satisfaction is fully achieved.

There is a lot of unfiltered passion and sexual fervor inside that will entertain your deep sexual urges. You will get various video formats (QuickTime, mp4, wmv); there is a .zip file and slide show features for pictures; High Res and High Def images and videos respectively; and professional production and camerawork that makes the material exhilarating to watch. 

You will want to see everything these guys have to offer which means you will spend hours on end inside this network using a twistys discount to feel great about it. And to completely envelope you with smut action all day, every day, these guys have some bonus action in store for you.

There is an archive DVD section where you can find more full length hardcore frolicking that these guys have produced over the years. What is the number? Over one hundred DVD titles. You can interact on the forum by posting your thoughts. There are other sites that you receive as bonus when you join this one including Blue Fantasies, Euro Foxes, Busty Ones, Etc. 

“Final word?” 
Twistys deserves your exclusive attention if what you desire is quality softcore and hardcore porn action. They know what they are doing, and what they do, they do it to utter perfection. Join them and enjoy!