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Babes are always exciting to watch and Jav HD brings you Japanese babes in scenes. And since you don’t want to go to Japan to get your babes, why not simply login to this site and begin your expedition! 

The site says that they have more than 500 models inside showing how Japanese babes can be so spectacular to watch. You will not suffer from lack of material inside this site. They have 3996+ films and 1800+ pictures. And even if it’s all Japanese naked babes inside, they somehow manage to make the material diverse. There are schoolgirl scenes, milfs going bonkers, horny studs, anal, masturbation, solo scenes, cream pies, blowjobs, and other hardcore niches.

The flash player does it work and lets you stream while the mp4 downloads are super fast and good. The majority of the films are high definition just like the “HD” abbreviation on the title. The pictures, since they are derived from the super quality film. are also high res. There are some vid caps inside but these are few and far between.

The Jav HD discount site has lots of material thus, they have this nice feature-filled site that is a joy to use. Searching is done using the keyword tags and search engine. You will be tugging hard on your shlong when you type in what you want to see in a matter of minutes. The search feature gives you a lot of material when you input what you want to see. 

The number one reason why this site has grown so much is the updating schedule. They make sure that members have an update every single day. And even though the site can definitely satisfy all your wants, they still offer you bonus material. You will find your membership comes with thirteen more porn sites. There is a nice mobile version of all the sites and you have access to it. This “network of sorts” offers you even more Japan babe action featuring some super good looking Japanese models.

There is no way you will be disappointed with a membership to Jav HD! They have too much going for them for you to say that you are dissatisfied with their services. Our unmovable Recommendation is this, you need to join this Asian centered site and enjoy the hardcore porn inside today!

HazeHer Discount


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Haze Her has sorority porn with a touch of mischief and fun! The site says that the tapes are submitted from users and there is a cash prize up for grabs.

They say that they have high definition films. They have hundreds of sorority gals and give you nothing but unlimited access. All these promises make a good impression on us. 

The concept also sounds very pleasing, coed gals hazing each other all for some cash! Sign me up! But seriously, the site has a ten thousand dollar cash prize for whoever submits the best material. Now that is some serious incentive! The homepage has some previews that you can look at. These previews will show you the gals being teased, hazed, sexually explored, masturbated, and humiliated in all forms and manner. There is also sorority lesbian licking for those interested in lesbo action.

Reality public sex is always wonderful to watch and when it amateur coed humiliation the fun factor just triples! The films can be long (40 minutes or more) and are usually pledging scenes. The material is sourced from gals all over the USA universities willing to go sexually hard for some cash. The older coeds are the ones dishing the humiliation to the pledges. They go ahead and strip them, finger them, humiliate them, make them cum, and do various other naughty yet nice things to the young pledges. The occasional strap-on sex happens and even some cocks are sucked in the process of making the coeds pledge their allegiance to the sisterhood. 

There are different scenarios and humiliation settings for you to watch. You can have the 720pxl high definition downloads and marvel at how fantastic they are. Since these are not studio made, the lighting and angles (at times) can be disappointing, but it all adds to realism of the amateur feel of the videos. They also have a disappointing amount of material with only 50 plus films and 50 plus picture galleries. This can be chalked up to the slow updating that they seem to have. We would like to see a more consistent weekly update that will help the library of “sorority-pledging-sex” grow and make this site bigger. 

The Haze Her discount member’s area has all the media options you will need to stream or download the material. As we stated earlier, there are lots of high definition videos. You get flv, wmv, and mp4 formats including mobile device formats. The pictures can reach high resolution of 2000pxl and the pictures are generally well shot. You have navigation options, which offer a smooth ride inside.

The coed nudity inside is great but there is really not enough of it. They have great high definition movies. Haze Her is good but could be better if they offered more updates or more bonus material!

DareDorm Discount

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The guys who had the most fun in college seem to be the ones who lived in the college dorms. This observation we have made after stumbling on to this site by the name Dare Dorm! You will “cum” to the same conclusion when you check out this site.

You will discover that college has another sexual side that you might have completely missed. You will see what properly motivated college coeds can get up to when the camera start rolling. What we are trying to say in so many words is that there is a lot of college party and sex happening inside the galleries of this porn site.

The site only motivates the students to go out and have fun. They do this by offering the students cash prizes for the best submissions. The students then go ahead and have orgies, threesomes, boy on gal action and even coed on coed action.

For the students, they seem to only need the flimsiest of excuses to run off and have wild sex parties. The fact that they are being offered 1000 dollars is only making them go all out in their sexual mischief on campus.

The site has an updating schedule that releases new material every 2 weeks. This might not be a very rapid speed but it’s a reliable one so deal with it! It also looks like they have reduced the amount of cash prize. But all these issues fall into the background when your focus is completely sucked in by the material inside the galleries. The site looks like they have no picture galleries in their archive of material. A very huge let down, but cheer up! They have 103+ videos inside for you to see what the word “dare” means in the minds of sexed up coeds.

The movies are long. How long? How about 50 to 60 minutes long! You can only stream the material, another diss that we don’t really appreciate about this site. Get over it, we got a Dare Dorm discount for darn it!

Moving on, the videos inside are good quality flicks and these guys offer viewers high definition playback options. If you are hung up on the question of whether the material is “real submission” or “not”, we really can’t say with complete confidence that it is or it isn’t! All we can say is that it looks and feels very amateurish. We can also say that the coeds are wonderful and beautiful. Those who have already tasted the brew that these guys are pouring are satisfied with what they have gotten so far, so chances are that you are going to feel the same!

The sex action is hot, there is no doubt there. The way the material is displayed doesn’t come off as being too heavily staged, so that’s another point to consider. For the most part, Dare Dorm has only good things to offer anyone who wants to join. They have this “coed amateur partying sex thing” going on that is very entertaining. They can improve (and we pray that they do) but they are not a bad investment for coed porn lovers!

PornPros Discount


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The 25 sites that make up the Porn Pros network are simply amazing places for you to spend some quality time! Your time will be well spent as you watch the milfs, teens, amateurs, boobs and butts shake and make merry in various hardcore sexing positions. 

They have been around for some five years so you know they have some good material to give you. The action that they produce is exclusive to them so no point looking for it anywhere else. Let’s see what more they have to offer new members.

The original hardcore movies and pictures inside cover niches like humiliation, fetish, squirting, lesbians, and huge amounts of cum. The mixture is there to make sure that your sexual-urges are quenched regardless of what niche gets you off.

The material inside is some good quality stuff, no, its high definition quality stuff! You will find mp4 and windows format. The small amount of videos and scenes that do not conform to the HD quality are still crisp and watchable. They definitely hit this “quality point” straight out of the park! Just the kind of thing premium porn networks do! From the twenty-five sites, the network produces 6690+ videos. These videos, (apart from being professionally produced and very good quality) are twenty-five minutes long. If you do the multiplication, you get 167250 minutes of straight up quality hardcore viewing time! Wow!

Now after that shocker comes the picture gallery with 2802+ image galleries. The sets can have upwards of 300 individual pictures. You are definitely receiving lots of material for your money factoring the porn pros discount with this network.

They have 1334+ models. For the pictures, you can download them using the ZIP file. We haven’t talked about the navigation you say! Well, what is there to say when a network does its very best in terms of navigation features? This is what this network brings, smooth links, menus, tools, search engines, model index, and other good features. They have done a marvelous job to make navigation so simple that you are not going to have an issue with it. The flash player setting for streaming the movies comes in 2 settings.

Are there any pitfalls of belonging to this network? Well, some minor issues do exist. They have lots of advertisements on the member’s area. They also have some sites that are not updating often. The active ones cover this hole left by the inactive ones and offer updates throughout the week. Apart from these unimportant issues, you are going to have a blast inside this network.

Porn Pros network has covered their “skeleton-bones” with some “meaty” and very “seductive flesh” in the form of their material. The navigation is user friendly, quality from top to bottom, and the material is exclusive. What more could you demand from these guys? You need to check them out!

Wow Porn Discount


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One thing you need to know about growing up is that you should not do it in a way that makes you get used to the world. Learn things and be happy about the life you lead. Most importantly, never forget to continue wondering about the world as it will help you be amazed all the more. Say for example you are getting married. You know for a fact that you and your wife will be having as much sex as you can get.

You are entitled of it the same way she is. The problem about the marriages of today is that they end up faltering. Why? It’s because they get so much of each other that it causes them to become sick of each other in every sense of the word. So, word of advice, watch the contents enclosed within WowPorn and see how relationships are really supposed to go … in the erotic sense. 

WowPorn is a porn site that tends to attract its target audience or pretty much any kind of audience by way of embellishing their site with aesthetically boosting elements. From the interface to the thumbnails of the video, it is quite impossible for you to not have any affinity developed as you journey your way into its deeper depths. But, don’t get me wrong. Everything is never a semblance with this site. It’s beauty from the outside is just as reflective from its inner beauty. It’s quality and appeal are purely authentic. 

Today, the WowPorn discount offer has entrenched over 150 videos within its database. They are all fully viewable to subscribers the same way they are all downloadable. The quality is seamless, the models are hot for both men and women, the action is purely pumped up to the next level and everything a prurient man could look for is encapsulated within its every 25 to 30-minute video. As far as subscription goes, it’s only $29.95 a month. You’ve got nothing to lose by subscribing and get to enjoy everything nice for it. You get more than what you pay for. So, enjoy!