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PlayboyTV Discount


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Actions speak louder than words. This is a phrase that Playboy lives by, a magazine that has been out and about in this mortal plane of existence for decades now. But, showing graphic images sometimes is just enough. It’s action but in a more constricted sense. As a resolve to make the whole scheme even better, to give the fans a better way to practice their imaginations, as though they are under a lustful simulation, Playboy now brings you PlayBoy TV. 

First and foremost, I’m pretty sure you guys have no idea that PlayBoy TV is actually a cable channel? But, the internet version, it’s purely the archives of the television version. You know how they censor stuff when it’s a matter of being broadcast to the national setting. So yeah, if you’ve seen this channel and you’ve been wondering where they keep all the unabridged videos where the models really do all the action through to its glorious conclusion, then this is the exact paradise you’ve been looking for.

The site has its intro promises such as videos that are seemingly shown in a reality TV perspective, allowing the viewers to have a better feel of what it is to fuck a PlayBoy model.

With over 50 years of experience in general, it is needless to say that Playboy is able to bring you a plethora of sexual content that you may have never once seen in your life. None of them for that matter. But to know what you don’t know, PlayBoy TV discount offers multiple programs that are always on demand including the PlayBoy Morning Show, Jazmin’s Touch and so much more.

As far as porn videos go, there are over 1,400 for you to see. They are all enhanced with high resolution quality. They are all downloadable. With that said, you can easily get a crisp and clear viewing experience anytime and anywhere you want. There are several subscription options, but it would be best to start with a monthly subscription as it only runs for 29.95 dollars a month. In toto, this porn site is definitely something you should not miss. 

NubileFilms Discount


The Best Nubile Films Discount


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Advancement has lead mankind into a modern technological world. Nubile Films stands as a representation of this kind of advancement (according to them) in the porno industry. 

People don’t want to wait for hours for porn sites to load, to download some smut action, or to see some foxy hot babes. This site is good because it forgoes the convoluted designs and wearisome navigation features (that unfortunately many porn sites have fallen victim to) for a simple to use, aesthetically pleasing look.

Things have also changed inside Nubile Films since they first time they came into the adult entertainment world. They have added more material so as to give them some girth and have added essential navigation features and site tools. They still lack an advanced search engine that would make members lives so much easier, but you can rate material and comment to your heart’s content.

If you are in the mood for certain scenes, with certain themes, you can utilize the keyword and tags to locate all suchlike material. Some of you are saying right now, “yeah okay, they have a great design but that is not going to make me hard, what about the material?”

Well, these guys recognize the need for material that speaks to the “sexual souls” of members and that is exactly what they have inside. The models take part in hardcore, lesbian and solo action. The High Quality material is presented in the most steamy, x-rated manner possible. 

The production team is made up of people who know how to light-up desires. The models are dazzling in terms of their beauty and porno skills. Add up all these different elements and what do you have? Knock-out action that will keep you at the edge of your seat fiddling with yourself and always thirsty for more!

In the last month, they have been able to add some fourteen updates to their collection bringing the number of movies to 98+ and picture gallery to 76+ sets and even a nubile films discount offer. A large chunk of the scenes are superior High Definition videos in mp4 formats. The scenes normally take up 16 minutes of play. 

Big, medium, and small picture sizes can be found and downloaded thanks to the zip file. The 3000 pixel pictures are “out-of-this-world” crazy good!

Nubile’s models are not weighed down by artificial makeup that makes them look like glorified alien porn stars. They have that deep natural exoticness that floats to the surface and is more appealing and ridiculously hot. The performers also have this special ability to lose themselves in the action, making it more credible, and lending an organic chemistry to the sexing sessions that is finger licking good! 

Navigation is fast and responsive and the model index plus the blogs have information about the gals and behind-the-scene drama respectively. You don’t have to pay a king’s ransom to see all the material inside, just pay the honest, well-priced membership fee and revel in the glorious action!

Nubile Films has been building up brick-by-brick, and now, they are at a point where porno fans can seriously contemplate joining them. Those who do take the plunge will not be disappointed with this site.

WowGirls Discount


The Best Wow Girls Discount


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Wow Girls is changing the landscape of the porn world by being super awesome. They are surely the best news to porno since fast internet connection was first introduced. For many people, they will utter the “wow” exclamation a few times once they enter this site. 

The site has ladies who just amaze you with their incredible beauty and you can sample some of the beauty when you check the Tour Page. And even if your tastes are refined and exotic, you are bound to find something to make you really excited inside this site. The models are very cool, and the material inside is even “chillier” and sexier. You will be able to lay your hands on some 336+ videos that have one thing in common, they are magnificently produced. You will see some well lighted, smooth action, which places importance on all the sexy bits you desire to see. It seems that the High Definition production is being matched with the beauty and charm of the models. They definitely succeed in making this matchup work. 

Some of the options you will see inside the gallery include; 1) clips, 2) full length movies, 3) streaming and downloading options, 4) 22 minute videos with no downloading limitation. All these benefits you can have and use very effortlessly inside this site.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that the beauties inside Wow Girls take part in action ranging from hardcore, solo, to lesbian. Anything that catches your eye inside can be brought to the foreground, and the thumbnails help to motivate your desires and cravings. Interactive features for commenting or rating are just a click away. The rating system that they have put in place enables members to rate the models (beautiful) and to rate the material/action (made me cum) which is a nifty awesome feature. You have the opportunity to watch the 576+ excellent pictures sets that cover all the niches and action these guys have to offer.

High Resolution and .zip downloadable photographs will have you leaking fluids from your precious “member” since they are completely “wowing”. Every day, the site keeps adding material, be it movies or pictures, so there’s never a dull moment once you step inside. 

They also have bonuses for those who like stretching their money to the very limits when it comes to porn sites and bonuses. Initially, you can access the wow girls discount site, and you get upgraded after ninety days. This means you can access more sites (7 to be precise). Live Cams and Archives pile on more action that you can sample and enjoy. They seem to want to make sure that you have as little to complain about once you become a member. Bravo to them!

The way these guys have been cranking out material is delightful and amazing. They have the creativity; the hardcore sex, the stunning models, and the quality production that makes people come back day after day! Wow Girls lives up to its promises, so check them out!

WickedPictures Discount


The Best WickedPictures Discount


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When you arrive at Wicked Pictures, the tour is absolutely cool so you won’t wait until you get your hands on your credit card so you would be able to become a member here. There are a thousand wild girls waiting to expose their naked bodies to you. They all have a shaved pussy and that is always a turn on. There are 3587 scenes here and they can be streamed on an embedded player or downloaded through several formats.

Each video is about 20 minutes long and the new ones already come in high definition. There are 3220 photo sets and they can all be saved into a zip file. You can’t forget about the fact that they are all in high resolution and that there are 35 pictures in each file and most are screen captures. 

Wicked Pictures sure looks like a porn site that started two decades ago as they exerted a lot of effort in making the videos here high in quality. There is even an option to view the videos in your mobile device.

You would even get something in terms of bonuses as there are live cam shows for members here. There is a model index here and you can sort them all in alphabetical order. When you look at the list of girls who appear here, it is an all star cast of porn stars. You would realize you came across these girls at least once in your life as a porn fan.

Current temptations to join include a wicked pictures discount offer. The latest scene has Alexis Monroe dressed as a super heroine as she attempts to fight off a couple of goons. Of course, she gets overpowered and it eventually leads to a nice threesome scene. It is one of those scenes that would get stuck on your mind for a long time.

CollegeRules Discount

The Best College Rules Discount


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Everyone knows College Rules is not user submitted even though there are times when you will think they are because of the amateur work. The videos here would make you want to go back to college but you won’t have the privilege of somebody paying your tuition fees anymore. You would have to pay that yourself since you are all grown up. You are going to party with hot college girls so you must decide if all that trouble is going to be worth it. The answer to that is a resounding yes. The videos are usually held at parties that extend way into the early morning.

You are going to be with girls who are still wondering what it feels like to have sex with the opposite sex. They are really curious and if you are up to the task of exposing them to the world of fucking then go right ahead because nobody is stopping you from doing that. The girls here are incredibly hot but there are not much to show here in terms of videos so you may have to look elsewhere if you want a lot of good amateur porn.

You would be getting hard in a hurry when you get a load of the girls here in the College Rules website as they get fucked hard by college dudes. Sometimes, there is a story behind each video and there are times when you won’t even know what is going on. You would hardly care about that as the money shot is what you are looking for. These girls are all going after the big cash prize the website promised the group that submits the best sex video. There are no bonus sites in sight so you would not know what to do when you are looking for updates.

All the content here is exclusive so you would not find the stuff here in another site. If you are a fan of amateur porn then you will love the videos here. It won’t take long before something gets moving inside your underwear. There are a lot of high definition videos too and that is always a plus. You would be able to save the videos you loved in the favorites folder so you can go back to them whenever you are feeling horny again. There are only 88 videos and 88 photo sets here though. Don’t think much of it, the college rules discount does more than make up for it.

PassionHD Discount


The Best Passion HD Discount


67% off a whole months membership – $9.95

75% off an entire years subscription – $7.95 per month

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Passion HD speaks for itself. In fact, they are so proud of their high definition graphics that there is plenty of trailers to watch, but be warned, they can become addictive!

A Really Good Model ‘Type’ Spread

The really nice thing about Passion HD is their understanding that all types of models are attractive to all types of people. So, if bookworms are your thing you will find plenty there. The same goes for gorgeous hour-glass figured women, blonds, brunettes and anything else you fancy.

This could be what keeps them strides ahead of any other site. A focus on variety and also pure HD quality.

I personally have a respect for a site that does their homework in order to please us, their paying public.

Nice Genre Cover

The site is peppered with lesbian sex, which is hardcore. Blow-jobs, cum facials, anal, threesomes, face sitting, legs, feet, tug jobs, naughty school-girls, girls next door and tons of up close shots of cum filled pussy’s and mouths licking and sucking off cocks.

Sexy Crazy Natural Beauties

I doubt you would be bored for one second here. The thing which I enjoy the most is the natural look of the girls. They all have that crazy sexy natural beauty and most of the bodies are natural too. So if it is tiny bee-stung titties you are after you will find them here. If it is more softer pendulous breasts you hanker for, you will not be disappointed.

The site content is exclusive to a Passion HD discount that we possess. This is really important as there is nothing worse than paying every month for something you can get for free elsewhere.

Unlimited Download and Ease of Viewing

There is no download limit and the stuff is down loadable on a number of various formats. These include WMV, MPEG, Flash Streaming, which ever is more appropriate for your computer stats and needs.

The scenes are shot at a number of different locations including in-door, out-door and pretty much everything else you fancy. The average age of model there is around 18-30.

Passion HD really does not have to prove itself, it has done for over a decade. They make sure they deliver all their promises and the models are divine and dirty. This is a site well worth investing in.